Q&A with Chef:

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Chef what your favorite seafood? 
Maryland Blue Crab
Hard shell vs soft shell?  
Hard Shell crabs, gotta eat them outside.  Steamed and beer, local corn, pickles and cheese (yes, that's totally weird, but it's a St. Michaels thing. Only people from the eastern shore eat them with pickles and cheese!).
What's your favorite food magazine/what do you read?  
I don't really read magazines anymore. I like to read Eater DC to learn about openings, trends and places I'd like to dine.  They have a great website.
Favorite hot sauce?  
It isn't a hot sauce, but pickled jalapenos.  I put them on everything.. they're spicy, acidic and add great flavor to anything you eat.
What's your favorite dessert?  
My favorite dessert is ice cream, as good as it is, I'd rather have something savory and salty.